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Based in Montreal, FrontKick Productions shows its style in its connection with Hong Kong cinema traditions, joined with humour and independent spirit. These things come together and create a unique and unmistakable brand of Action/Comedy visible whenever FrontKick is involved with a project.

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Last To Fall

Here is our version of a Looping Katana Fight!



Inspired from Christopher C. Cowan's   • Anime Style Lo-Fi Looping Fight  


Lave tes mains (wash your hands)

How is this so complicated? It's basic washroom etiquette!

In Festivals

Kung-Fu Kerfuffle

2 undercover cops, 1 mission, 0 plan.

fantasia 2021 png recadré.png


The eternal combat of two ancient warriors.

In Post-production 

Batman : Son of Gotham

The dark knight must confront the demons of his past while his enemies hold information that could spell the end for Batman.

Grip of Death 

Two fighters in an epic struggle for supremacy. Sometimes the hardest battle are in your mind.  



What if BLOODSPORT was made during the social network era? Fighters would compete for likes rather than trophies!

In Post-production 

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FrontKick Productions' founders met in martial arts school. While honing their wushu skills, their mutual passion for martial arts and Jackie Chan movies evolved into a passion for stunts and action cinema in general. Now armed with a stable of incredible performers, mentors and precious contacts, there's no challenge that they can't face head on. Every member of FrontKick Productions has years of experience in the cinema industry, making each of them a valuable asset on any given  project. 

Etienne Laurendeau

Etienne Laurendeau

Antoine Beaulieu

Antoine Beaulieu

Jonathan David Bédard

Jonathan David Bédard

Yue Qi

Yue Qi

Jeremie Earp

Jeremie Earp

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